Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Voice Record!

I went to my girlfriends studio last night to do a voice record for my short film, and it was badass! My girlfriend works at a recording studio in NYC called tone farmer. One of her composers to handle the audio aspect of my short. I am super busy with work and trying to get this thing done, but now I am one huge step closer, and once again super pumped up for it. Here is a video from the record and some screen grabs from other video from the night. The audio engineer who can be seen from the back in the video is Joey Spallina, also you can see some of the other participants screaming in the sound booth like, My smoking hot girlfriend Christina Tortorelli, Al Pardo, Patrick Tortorelli, and Bryan (Whose last name I can't spell from memory).

President of The Universe Voice Record Vid_001 from mike Carlo on Vimeo.