Monday, September 24, 2007


Hey everyone, tonight Monday Sept 24th is the premiere of Pale Force Season two on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. I am one of two animators for this second season, which is cool because I am 50 percent of the animators and it's for Late Night. We've been doing alot of work on these with crazy crazy deadlines, this second season looks much better than last season two so it would be kick ass if you guys had the time to check it out. You can go to this link and find out more or just tune into late night tonight and watch it. Also Tom Smolenski is the other 50 perscent of the animation team. Super Talented super nice guy, whose blog you can get to in my links directory. Other credits for season 2 include Peter Lazarski (whose name I hope I spelt right), Bret Hall, and of course the crreators Jim Gaffigan and Paul Noth.
P.S. This is an old screen shot from somewhere in season one. I don't think I am allowed to post anything from season 2 until it airs or NBC will find me and have me killed.
Ok I updated this post with the premiere episode of Pale Force season2 in it. I got to go backstage at the Conan O Brien show Monday, and it was dope, crazy silly fresh fun. Hung out in Jim Gaffigans dress room, almost ran into Labamba, and met Conan O Brien. I animated the est shot of the hospital up until the intro (which was done by Tom Smolenski) and then I animated Dancing with the stars up until Conan's Head popping off, and then the scene in clonan o brien when Jeff Zucker says "Hoppin' Boppers" All the way to the end. Thanks for watching.


Blogger Danny Hynes said...

thanks for the comment dude...your work is incredible. I really dig it.

11:01 AM  
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