Thursday, February 24, 2011

Re-Vamping! no pun intended.

Damn It's been a long time. Usually when this happens it's because I'm crazy busy, and once again that's true. I have tons of news to talk about and something to show... Finally! Let me see if I can get to it all without being too long winded about it. First off I'm very excited to say that I was made the Animation Director on the second season of Superjail. This totally caught me by surprise, but I've really been diving in to the role. I'm super lucky to have been given this opportunity and I have to say that the team I'm heading up over at Titmouse N.Y. are some of the best people and artists you could hope to work with. This is my first time seriously directing anything, and I always said that if I was in charge of anything ever in animation that I would get down in it, and really try to be helpful to the people working with me. That's another thing, I hope the guys over on Superjail feel they are working with me rather than for me. Those guys make it easy though, and you can tell from the work being done on season 2 that everyone is working real hard, and having a blast, so I gotta hand it to them all for doing such an amazing job and accepting my input and advice.

On another note we just recently participated in the annual Titmouse "5 second Day". Every year Titmouse picks one day where everyone comes in and works on any short piece of their own animation. I figured this would be a good opportunity to post what I did. I got this done in maybe a total or a little more than a work days time, so excuse the fact that its rough around the edges, and the audio isn't mixed super professionally. Either way I think you can still enjoy it.

One last thing or maybe second to last thing. I'm working on a new short for this years "Midsummer Nights Toons 3" event, which will be held at Slate on June 10th of this year. I'm very excited for this new film, and being that work has been so insane lately I recruited a few of my good friends to work with me on this one. Maybe you're heard of them... Al Pardo, Joe Cappabianca, and Elliot Byrne. These guys are super talented and also work with me on Superjail. We're going into the studio this Wed to do our voice record, and everyone seems to be psyched for it, so I'll have more on that soon.

here's the last thing, I'm getting kind of tired of this blog, so I was thinking of doing something interesting with it. I was thinking of doing regular posts just talking about some of my experiences in N.Y. animation. Lately I've been asked to speak at a few classes and offer up some advice to the students as well as speak to them about what it's like to work in animation, and what some of my personal experiences have been. The only thing stopping me is that I don't want to come off as the guy who thinks he has to school people, or tell them how it is. I have to think about that one more, and see if I can do it without giving the impression that I'm being pretentious. Any thoughts on this? I can just as easily say fuck it! Anyway thanks. Hope you enjoy my 5 second day.

5 Second Day Titmouse-TWO SCOOPS from mike Carlo on Vimeo.