Sunday, September 19, 2010

Design stuff... Sort of.

I've been busy working on a couple of personal projects. I'm gearing up for another short film, and possibly a pitch. I'm really excited about the next short, and I've been trying to work on it whenever I get free time. I've finally gotten to the point with the story where I can start thinking about design, or at the least the early stages of it. I was going in one direction then realized it was too forced for me. Every time this happens its usually because I'm trying to prove to myself that I know how to draw and then I try to make everything look like someone else's stuff, which is always a recipe for disaster. I think for now rather than stay in comfort zone I'll will try something new, but stay true to myself. I'm really diggin' what I have so far, and I hope you do to.

This one is more of where I started out. I may have been looking too much at "ARt of Books", Thanks for nothin' you super talented sons of bitches. The last thing I want is to be a cheap biter of awesome stuff.

These next few are where I'm going! They may not be amazing drawings, but they pump me up and I have fun doing them.