Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I think every single post starts off with " I've been busy as shit lately!", which is totally awesome. I've been bouncing around alot, working freelance, and even testing for a character design postion on a new CN show, which I was fortunate enough to land the gig. Now that I have a steady job for a while, and things have calmed down I am going to get back on this short film of mine. I boarded it out over the course of August and September, and with the exception of a few minor changes, it's ready to roll. I'm really trying to see this through. It's a bit of an undertaking, but it's an idea I've had for a while now and I really want to make it. Here are some random sketches of the main character. I am going to keep it loose and really fuck with his design throughout the short. I am not doing any of that turnarounds bullshit, or trying to make it look like something. I just want to draw in a way thats super fun for me to do. I might not even rough things out sometimes. These were all drawn straight ahead with very little or no roughing out at all. I'll post some more stuff when I get home later.